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"It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Mr Richard Marmon-Halm for his expert knowledge of tax form presentation for the federal, state, or local governmental agencies.  For more than 25 years he did such work for me and my late wife while we both lived and worked in New York City; where I worked as a psychiatrist and my wife as a social worker. Our tax work was complicated by the fact that in addition to professional practice, we had extensive investments, considerable medical expenses due to medically disabling problems for a child, and the establishment of charitable trusts for institutions we supported."

 "On my retirement and my wife's passing away, I returned to my home town community in another state and for the past ten years have worked to establish a nonprofit child care agency to serve the needs  of homeless pregnant teenage girls and their infants.  Because Mr Marmon-Halm has had extensive experience in providing business management services for nonprofit as well as small private businesses, and is senior author of a recent book on that subject, we have selected him to provide this service for our new enterprise."

 James L Curtis MD 


"Richard Marmon-Halm, CPA,PC. has been providing professional services for myself and my company for many years."

Richard's extremely ethical business practices, coupled with his professional persona, has (without a doubt) left me with a feeling of security in regard to my finances, as well as with any questions I may have in the area of legal changes and updates with accounting laws and business practices.

Each and every time I leave Richard's office, I feel well informed and always welcome to call at anytime with any of my tax preparation and professional needs. He is always ready to explain and patiently work through any and all financial changes that may come to pass. And (over  the years), there have been many changes in business structure, professional goals, as well as the need to obtain information from Richard as to what the best method of approach would be to solve obstacles along the way; while still being able to achieve the most practical and successful financial result!


Ben Cancemi
Nextstop Media, LLC



“Richard Marmon-Halm and his firm have been our auditors for over 20 years."
"We are a 501(C)(3) organization operating a Senior Citizens Center in Springfield Gardens, New York. Richard and his firm have always done a professional job for us. They are highly responsive to our needs and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend them to anyone who needs auditing and/or accounting services”.

Eleanor Gibson-Kelly, Executive Director
Merrill Park Civic Association of Springfield Gardens Inc.


" I have a mature practice that must keep up with the times. That includes many business issues which need expert attention. Working with Richard is easy. Even when unexpected events may crop up, they are attended to with calm professionalism.."

Eric Shoenfeld, MD
Baldwin, New York